CNC Shark Routing System
Small & Powerful Routing System

CNC Shark

CNC Shark Routing System

NEWS: Now comes with 6.0 program, ½ inch dia. V-groove router bit and 2 hold-down clamps.

Now this great CNC Shark routing system is going to bring the speed and extra precision of PC (computer) controlled equipment to your shop. Small table measure (15-3/4″ x 31-1/2″) makes it perfectly designed for carvings and machining procedures for a wide range of doors, signs and various other smaller projects. This small size machine is featured with precision, speed and it is impressively powerful. It is easy to use, what makes it even greater. Because of its strong steel and high density poly-ethylene structure, it is able to take accidental impacts, which would usually destroy or damage MDF machine or aluminum.

Clamping table (the one included with Shark CNC) is featured with two hold-down slots, which take care of safe-guarding work at anyplace over the entire table. Two hold-down clamps are included with the unit, you can get additional clamps separately. Another thing included with the unit is ½ inch diameter V-groove router bit and it is completely compatible with Bosch Colt Palm Router. New 6.0 version of the VCarve Pro program (value = $500), another thing CNC Shark is also including.

Features/Technical Details

  • Drive: X: 13″ Y: 24″ Z: 4.5″.
  • High-speed traverse rate 120+ ipm.
  • Bearings: 12 accurate linear bearing guides (four on every axis) for optimum rigidity.
  • Resolution: Full step of 0.0005 inch; at 1/8 step 0.0000625 inch.
  • 269 oz/in 1.8-degree steppers.
  • USB interface with in controlled memory space.
  • 5 turn ACME precision modified threaded with acetyl backlash reducing nuts on every axe.
  • 24V Power supply to provide full power to the steppers.
  • VCarve Pro 6.0 software program included ($500 value).
  • Includes 1/2” Dia. V-Groove Router Bit.
  • Includes two Hold-down Clamps.
  • Mounts for a Bosch Router included (Router is sold separately).
  • Including free to download control program.
  • Warranty on parts and labor (1 year), special shipping exclusions apply.
  • CNC Touch Probe Compatible.
  • Cut-3D Software Compatible.

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CNC Shark Customers reviews

Submitted by Caleb Hartig

I have spent more than 2000 hours working on my CNC Shark and must say, I’m more than happy with its performance. In first year all of mine investments were brought back. I have been using it for about 80 hours per week and had no problems with it.

Big shark cnc plus in my mind for this great product was even greater customer support.

Submitted by Joe Elliott

The Shark is working and working… I have made a big pile of sawdust with it. Whenever I have problems with ideas what to make, there is one of mine neighbors coming up with new idea. This small sized machine have big “hart” and I love working with it.

Submitted by Philip Bird

Before Shark i had Craftsman and i had to many troubles with it… After I switched to cnc shark I was surprised with results. Not only results, I was quite thrilled with how much quite it was and how is everything easy to do with. Before I started using it in real life I have done some training online. Now every day is new experience.